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Our Wrestling Empire is looking to be the central resource, and home to all independent wrestling talent, promotions, and event listings.  We are a couple of multi-decade pro wrestling fans who are working professionals with families of our own, that continue to love the independent scene and want to ensure it remains thriving.

Why a website, when you already have social media?  Simple...social media is a great marketing tool for your existing audience.  What about those who are not on your social media platform(s) of choice?  Research shows that some social media usage has actually decreased since 2019, which will prove limiting to you as a talent hoping to maximize your exposure, or as an owner looking to promote your organization/event.

Our end goal, is to provide a website platform of respectable legitimacy for everyone involved in independent wrestling, whether directly or indirectly.  Content would come in the forms of an indie wrestling podcast (featuring interviews), and site-exclusive video, while establishing Our Wrestling Empire as a community for all those involved.

We aren't looking to become rich or famous, but we are hopeful that you will see the benefit of expanding your presence while increasing exposure to your potential audience, through a professional website.  Having your event, overall promotion, or a talent-specific site published here, would cost no more than your allowance to keep an open partnership for media content.  OWE's promotion will allow your advertising to reach beyond social media, to our non-member audience, while ensuring we control the mission of a positive & informative indie wrestling community.

Feel free to request our literature, further explaining the benefits of website promotion in relation to the detriment of solely relying on social media means.  We're happy to answer your questions, so feel free to contact us.  This is OUR Wrestling Empire.


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